Motorcross Dirt Bike Racing 3D

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🏁Motorcross Dirt Bike Racing 3D is the most exciting 3D game simulator which enables the user to perform multiple stunts. This game provides the accurate physics behind the stunts and bike driving. This game gives the flare of racing game and sports game. Users can fulfill their desire of being adventurous and daredevil. Take your driving skill to extreme as you can drive the bike in an island. Drive fast and go off huge jumps like a real stunt driver on motocross bike in this realistic simulation game.

You will have to train yourself in off road driving where you be provides multiple bikes like:

🏁 Dirt Bike.
🏁 Trail Bike.
🏁 Cruiser.
🏁 Heavy Bike.
🏁 Sports Bike.
🏁 Racing Bike.

You can explore islands, mountains, hills and seas in this game and the ultra-realistic stunt pads to perform stunts. Ride fast as you can to perform the stunt in a much more efficient and exciting way. Start practicing right now to become a pro bike racer and rule them all. Choose between many bikes with different physics for a great gameplay experience. Exciting bike race experience perfectly optimized for tablets and high-resolution devices. You can perform drift, backflip, spin, burn out and front flip with the range of stunt pads. Watch out for the fuel bar, the more you drive around, your fuel will begin to decrease and require you to pull over and refuel.

Following are more exciting features of this game:

🏁 Multiple camera views and camera angles.
🏁 Multiple controller schemes.
🏁 Moto racing world championship inspired track.
🏁 Off road racing.
🏁 Ultra high quality of both racing game and a sports game.
🏁 Rally racing modes.
🏁 Multiple levels.
🏁 Realistic graphics and High definition display.
🏁 Smooth and easy drive.
🏁 Highly stable ride and grip.

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