Deer Hunter Sniper Shooting 3D

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Sniper Deer Hunter 3D is an open world deer hunting game. The story of the game is very exciting where the user to perform the role of a skilled hunter where the hunter has to feed his/her money and sell other thing associated with dear. The hunter has to make a living out of hunting several wild animals there are multiple types of dear in the woods and the hunter has to silently move and keep a decent amount of distance to make sure that the pray never gets away. There various types of dears that could away any moment so the hunter has to be extra careful. Use sniper scope to focus on your pray keep the gun loaded. On a lucky day the hunter can hunt down multiple animals within the forest. Keep your residence safe from wild bear and grizzly bear. Wild fox and wolfs are also dangerous and they could attack the user’s camp at any moment so the user must keep an eye on them to make sure the whole camp/residence remain safe. The user hunt down a dear or rabbit for food and various other uses.

Let us explore some amazing features of the game.

1. World’s most advanced sniper with accurate scope focus and magazine.
2. Realistic 3D environment of beautiful woodland.
3. Ultra High definition (HD) display.
4. Smooth controllers.
• Mission based gameplay to complete all missions.
5. Efficient processing with maximum FPS.
6. Detailed controllers.
7. Visual effects(VFX).
8. Realistic jungle sound effects (SFX).
9. 20 challenging levels.
10. Artificially Intelligent (A.I) forest objects and animal.
11. Riffles, Knife and complete hunting kit.
12. No Wi-Fi No problem.
13. Multiple camera views.
14. 3D camera angles.

15. Vast jungle with different kind of wild animals like:
i) Deer.
ii) Reindeer.
iii) Moose.
iv) Elk.
v) Red Deer.
vi) Rabbits.
vii) Wild Bear.
viii) Grizzly bear.
ix) Fox.
x) Wolfs.

Grab your sniper rifle and let’s hunt down deer in this sniper 3d shooting and hunting game. You will see the most beautiful summer scenes in the game – the sounds of weapons, animals, wildlife, forest, mountains & birds. Your job is to aim and hit the deer with one shot. One bad shot and the deer will vanish right in front of your eyes. You must have good aim and shoot skills while holding your breath. Hunting adventure with modern sniper guns similar to AK47, M4, AWP, P90, UMP45 Desert Eagle, negev etc.

There is another hunting game to be explored i.e. 🦌Jungle Sniper Hunter Wild 3D
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