🏎️Extreme Car Racing:City 3D

Sniper Assasin Shot Killer 3D is an exciting combat mission game. In this game the user will be performing the role of assassin and he/she will invade enemy base camp. The user will have to perform various missions and assassinate the enemy of the state without getting caught. The game is designed to perform highly confidential missions. Travel all around the world and explore various map and locations. Be part of famous military companies like ALPHA, BRAVO & CHARLIE. Stay connected with your radio and pass messages and reply them with Roger that. Be the part of war zones all around the world and feel the heat like world war1 and world war2. Be the ultimate soldier and reach the level of excellence within the force.
You play as a sniper assassin STORM the barracks , Kill the Military Leader . This game has great range of weapons as you can multiple rifle and grenades. You are a sniper Commando with a strategic approach and we know you have been taught war techniques to snipe the targeted enemies.Let’s explore few among the many exciting features of this game:

🔫 Vast range of weapons and rifle like (M249, M4A1, AK47, M3, MP5, MAC10, AUG, SG552, P90 and Desert Eagle)
🔫 Aim Shoot and reload with ease.
🔫 Highly accurate Sniper scope, magazine and HUD.
🔫 Use the best Sniper rifles, assault rifles, shotguns & Pistols.
🔫 Be the ultimate assassin and camouflage
🔫 Smooth controls to shoot and aim
🔫 Ultra realistic graphics.
🔫 Ultimate high definition display.
🔫 Military settlements like ships, helicopters, jeeps, tanks and artillery.
🔫 Realistic sound effects (SFX)
🔫 Visual effects (VFX)
🔫 Efficient processing with maximum number FPS
🔫 Highly accurate physics behind the shoot and aim.
🔫 Tons of letal GUNS and mortal WEAPONS
🔫 Multiple forces like navy and air force
🔫 Various environments like base camps, city and small town
🔫 Intuitive design
🔫 Various animations like bullet animation.
🔫 There are docks, City Square, waste warehouse.
🔫 Variety sniper rifle, pistols, submachine guns and grenades replacement.\
🔫 Full enemy exists: the enemy is everywhere, some in hiding in the ground behind the building, and some 🔫 Hiding in the roof, which requires your keen eye to detect and eliminate them.
🔫 Added a variety of scenarios Map: bustling city night scene, summer train station scene, airport warehouse 🔫 Evening scene, allowing you to experience the unique terrain in different shooting pleasure.
🔫 Added a variety of gorgeous Weapons: not only has a short black jade, crystal blue, green fluorite, Phoenix, 🔫 Golden Black Dragon King, platinum and other exquisite Ares sniper weapons; still red dragon Desert Eagle and Christmas pumpkin bombs so you get !
🔫 Intelligent combat system: You can not just stand shooting, squat shooting, fighting to switch cartridges, replacement of weapons and ammunition,

Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, do you copy?
Find the target, aim, and shoot for headshot on all the criminals & bad guys: Terrorists from isis, suicide bombers, dumb gangsters, thugs or corrupted cops…They don’t stand a chance..

Soldier! Its a war city, a city on fire.
Welcome to the War & Kill them all.

You can explore extreme fast car driving i.e. 🏎️Extreme Car Racing:City 3D
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