Stunt Motorbike Race Sim 3D

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Stunt Motorbike simulator 3D is an exciting motorsports bike stunt game.
Are you ready to moto racing? Have you ever dreamed of performing bike stunts?
Enter the world of extreme stunts. Get into position bikers; this wild ride is about to begin.
The games a complete open world stunt city environment. Now your desire to be the ultimate stunt champion can be fulfilled. Take your ultimate street racing bike and steer the bike to perform various maneuvers and tricks. The game track is designed by the inspiration of various tracks that have been used in the world championships and stunt tournaments. Game provides the smooth driving options like smooth acceleration with highly simulated accelerator, the braking of the bike is also quite efficient. The rider featured in the game is equipped with a completed rider kit so the rider remains safe. This game has multiple challenging stunt levels to challenge your skills.Following types of bike have been featured in the game:

🏍️ Sports Bike.
🏍️ Racing Bike.
🏍️ Trail Bike.
🏍️ Dirt Bike.
🏍️ Heavy Bike.

The game is specially designed for adventure lovers so reach the ultimate heights and make sure your driving skills may improve. The game offers multiple and distinguished stunt pads to perform stunts like roll back, roll & jump, drift, stunt, maneuvering and more importantly burnout.

Following are few highlighting features of the game.

🏍️ Ultra realistic stunt city and drift city environment.
🏍️ A.I traffic.
🏍️ Metropolis city with buildings, flyover, underpasses, bridges, and various other metro city objects.
🏍️ some crazy stunts in stunts arena.
🏍️ Realistic Sound Effects (SFX).
🏍️ Amazing Visual effects (VFX).
🏍️ Dangerous tracks to perform all sorts of stunts.
🏍️ Realistic bikes and cars.
🏍️ Amazing fantasy beach environment.
🏍️ Real dirt bike sound effects.
🏍️ Multiple controls with both on screen arrows and tilt option.
🏍️ Various camera angle with exclusive first person and third person mode.
🏍️ Drag your bike through awesome challenges and amazing missions.
🏍️ Challenging scenario to perform stunts and set the new world records.
🏍️ Multiple selections of dirt bikes.
🏍️ The ultimate racing game and sports game experience.
🏍️ Destroy the rivals on the roads and flip their ashes into the air.
🏍️ Unique, different and dangerous stunts in every level.

No.1 xtreme BMX game with insane and stunt action. It is an exciting, action packed Bike Racing game in different environments. Super Reckless Moto Bike Attack Stuntman Rider Race Survival Game is a fast and daring driving outrun bike stunt games. Variety of super speedy motor bikes in this motor bike combat epic war.

Get the chance to drive the extreme police motorbike with 🏍️Police Motorbike Rider 3D!
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