Real War Machines Tank Shooter

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🛡️Have you ever wondered what it feels like to drive a tank in the war-zones around the world?
Unleash the fury and take in the various combats and military operation.
Takeout assassins, enemy forces and camouflage to help your army to overcome the enemy.

Military combats and campaigns are impossible to win until you have artillery and weapons like:

🛡️ Snipers.
🛡️ Clot gun.
🛡️ Automatic Kalashnikov.
🛡️ Rifle (M-16).
🛡️ Grenades.
🛡️ Gunship.
🛡️ Armour.
🛡️ Helicopter (Chopper).
🛡️ Fighter Jets (F-15, F-16, F-17, F-18, F-22 and B-22).
🛡️ Tanks.

The game story-line is basically inspired form World War1(WW1) & World War2(WW2) where certain level of missions like clearing the area. Securing the force and moving artillery related missions are not easy to perform. So the user has to really train hard in order to be responsible soldier and make the country secure. It gives you the opportunity to move virtually free in a vast 3D landscape. Drive from real tanker cabin. Learn driving at the War shooting range & controlling a tank. Ready your Armor Brigade.

Following are few highlighting features of the game:

🛡️ Realistic 3D graphics.
🛡️ Multiple Animations to guide user.
🛡️ Highly simulated drive.
🛡️ Smooth controls.
🛡️ Accurate physics behind the drive.
🛡️ Army jeeps, SUV, HUMVEE, trucks and off-road jeeps.
🛡️ Accurate Sound effects (SFX).
🛡️ Realistic Visual Effects (VFX).
🛡️ Amazing shoot effects, explosions, sounds and real time physics.
🛡️ Multiple control options.
🛡️ First, second and third person camera mod.
🛡️ Customizable controls including buttons, steering wheel and tilt controls.
🛡️ Fully featured tank and turning turret.
🛡️ Ultra High definition display.

Drive soviet T-34 and german Tiger tank. Use this heavy and most powerful beast, destroy cities, conquer deserts & forests, even vehicles like Trucks, 4×4 Monster Trucks, SUV’s & cars.
All the dashboards & sensors have been set for you. Just push the levers to move tank caterpillars.
The military war machine is fueled and armored. An awesome battlefield awaits you with its massive vehicles and wild parking challenges. In the simulator version Aiming and Shooting from tank cabin is disabled. Even firing and destroying objects in the driving simulator are disabled. This game is designed for tank, battle, power, simulator lovers. An awesome battlefield awaits you with its colossal war vehicles and heroic parking challenges.

Get the amazing flavor of alien warfare game i.e. Block City Wars Rampage Smashy
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