Police Moto Bike Road Rider 3D

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Enjoy endless action of chasing criminals and riding Extreme Powerful Exotic Police Moto Bikes Ever!
The age of playing 3D game over your PC has gone past now. Your smart phone is your PC. Police Moto Bike Simulator 3D is an exciting game. Now you can be law enforcer, roam around the city to protect your city from criminals and keep the peace within your city. Blast past sports cars with nitro boosts, fly off stunt ramps and do crazy jumps across the giant metropolis city You can drive the most amazing bikes associated with police department. Chase the criminals with the powerful ride, maneuver them with amazing stunts to get ahead of them and make it much easy for yourself.
Patrol the city streets & skyscrapers with a fast racing motorbike. Chase the robbers and criminals. Become a talented police officer motorbike driver. Become a police traffic rider. Ride your bike on some of the wildest stunts you will ever come across! Race, ride, boost, drift, skid, jump & crash with incredibly realistic police motorbikes.


◕ Ultra High Definition Graphics.
◕ Multiple Camera angles.
◕ Multiple controls to have better experience.
◕ Various range of motor bikes.
◕ Massive, highly detailed open city environment.
◕ Upgraded Police super motorbike, fast and agile to dodge cars.
◕ Chase racing and sports car.
◕ The bike is so powerful that you can even cope with 4×4 off road or a monster truck.
◕ Fully working police sirens and lights.
◕ Heavy bikes from all famous brands around the world are available.
◕ Accurate Physics behind the drive.
◕ Smooth gameplay without any lag.
◕ Choose from a selection of high quality vehicles, from super cars to ambulances.
◕ Easy to use driving controls, touch and tilt, and both left and right handed controls.
◕ Both touch and tilt controls.
◕ Intuitive design.
◕ Whole metropolis city is there only for you to protect and explore.
◕ Artificially intelligent (A.I) traffic.
◕ Nitrous/Nitro (NOS) Button for extra speed.
◕ Real world environments.
◕ Addictive Item collection.
◕ Professional and realistic camera views.
◕ Ramps to perform stunts.
◕ Police Bike Gangster squad Car Chasing Missions.
◕ Police Sargent Heavy Bike Driving & Drifting.
◕ Secretly find, Identify and arrest city criminals.
◕ No in app purchases, totally free!

  Enjoy an extreme motorbike simulator Extreme MotorBike 3D Racer Sim
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