Office Motocross Bike Racing3D

Office Motocross Bike Racing3D

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Office Motocross Bike Racing 3D is the most unique 3D bike racing game. It provides the most unique terrain to drive the motorbike. This provides the exciting environment of an office and you will have a very small bike to drive around the whole office. The size of the bike will be very tiny, you can even drive your bike over telephones sets and keyboards and perform various stunts. Get the amazing flavor of racing game and sports game. This game is quite unique as it provides an environment similar to motocross world championship scenario but the difference is that you have an office environment you can perform various stunts like flip, front flip, back flip, drift and various other stunts.

Here are few other amazing features of this game:

🏍️ Dirt bikes and trail bikes from the best brands of the world.
🏍️ Accurate Physics.
🏍️ Highly accurate and tested aerodynamics and altitude is being involved behind the stunts.
🏍️ Realistic office environment with desktop PC, keyboards, monitor screens, tables, chairs and other office items.
🏍️ Amazing Visual Effects (VFX) and various animation.
🏍️ Real sound effects (SFX).
🏍️ Multiple Controller options.
🏍️ Over 4 camera angles to give user better experience.
🏍️ High Definition Display.
🏍️ Easy to drive and smooth processing.

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