Flying Car Sim Extreme Pilot3D

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Have you wondered how it would feel to drive and fly car simultaneously. The future is here and the future is now with flying care race 3D you can live the future now. With most realistic graphics and amazing physics you can experience the reality. Get behind the steering wheel of a highly modified racing car. Perform amazing amazing aerial flips and tricks, drift, crash, boost, and slide all around the city streets or offroad. Activate airplane flight mode and watch the wings transform from the car turn your fast racing car into a unique flying car. This games enables the user to drive the car all around the streets and road of city. You can fly that same over the buildings and streets of the city which mean you can have two in one ultimate fun.
Put step in modern era, and fly your airborne car to discover beautiful landscapes, astounding bridges and sparkling blue oceans. Are you ready to take flight with your furious car and fly high up in sky? Play this game and become best flying car driver. In an instance you went from a top car driving expert to a professional airplane pilot. Start as a car driver to enjoy airplane pilot. Amazing, adventurous and thrilling car drive turns into airplane flight simulator.

Highlighting features of this application

✳ Ultra High definition graphics.
✳ Highly simulated controls and drive.
✳ Multiple range of cities and tracks.
✳ Most realistic environment.
✳ Most accurate physics that enables the users to understand the aerodynamics and altitude.
✳ Flying a car could give you the flare of flying a plane, helicopter or jet.
✳ The accuracy of this game make this game to behave as a simulator.
✳ New and amazing range of sports/racing cars.
✳ Experience the ultimate power of 4×4 vehicle.
✳ Multiple camera angles to enhance your truck flying experience.
✳ Creation of Flying island, City, Gas station & Mountains.
✳ Test your Pickup Truck Driving Skills.
✳ This game gives you the ultimate experience of flying a car and driving car so it is a two in one treat.
✳ Turn your racing car and sports car into flying car.
✳ You can turn your offroad vehicles into flying car.
✳ Get the ultimate taste of racing game.
✳ New Futuristic Concept Of Flying Vehicle Simulator.
✳ Free Mode Gameplay With No Level Restrictions.
✳ Smooth Flying Controls Over The City Environment.
✳ Time of street racing is over now you can do the ultimate flying race.
✳ Get the ultimate flare of metropolis city.
✳ Whether you are driving a 4×4 monster truck or sports car you can never match the power of flying car.
✳ Your car will become lighter as a motorbike.

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