Extreme MotorBike 3D Racer Sim

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Motorbikes and two wheeler are fun to drive and it turns out to be more fun when you can perform stunts with bikes. You can have huge amount of fun with this exciting game as it provides a vast range of tracks and motorbikes. Become a talented motorbike driver in Extreme Bikes Game where you can go really fast with the help of nitro so the bike can speed up and go off huge stunt ramps. This massive open world environment sim game, drive the motorbike anywhere to perform amazing, difficult bike stunts and build up top speeds with nitro boosts. You can switch between tracks and motorbikes. It provides an amazing environment to perform stunts.


Following are some exciting features of this game.

◕ Ultra High Definition Graphics.
◕ Realistic environment.
◕ Accurate physics involved.
◕ Better experience then racing car, sports car or 4×4 off road vehicle.
◕ Powerful drive where you can get the feeling that you have been driving a bike with nitrous.
◕ Exciting range of bikes like heavy bikes, dirt bikes and cruiser.
◕ Tilt phone to control moto direction.
◕ ride your bike through city, tunnels, snow and bridges.
◕ Real Bike movement.
◕ Go extreme by performing to score more.
◕ Complete controls of joystick.
◕ You can unlock multiple levels as you explore bikes.
◕ Amazing sound effects and SFX.
◕ Amazing visual effects and VFX.
◕ Easy controllers.
◕ Fantastic suspension.
◕ Race and Cross Motorbike.
◕ Huge Real CITY Maps.
◕ Real World Environments.
◕ Realistic Camera Views.
◕ Beautiful Full HD Graphics.
◕ Mountain Race Engine And Engine.
◕ Large Real City and Mountain Map.
◕ Real-World Environments.
◕ Realistic Camera Views.
◕ Superb Environment.
◕ Support for HD phone devices and tablets.
◕ Good quality sound effects.
◕ Perform 4X4 Level stunts over Monster Trucks, SUVs & Exotic Racing Cars.
◕ Have Drag races.
◕ Perform drifting skids.
◕ User friendly GUI and controls.
◕ Free Game Just Install and Enjoy..!

Get the ultimate flavor of stunt racing with Office Motocross Bike Racing3D

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