City Helicopter Game Simulator

City Helicopter Game Simulator

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Flying your own helicopter over a huge metropolis city has always been a fantasy of every single individual. Now City Helicopter game provides an amazing storyline where you have to land your helicopter on the helipads. Keep your helicopter safe and manage through extreme weather conditions like thunderstorm, rain or fog and make sure you don’t have to pass mayday message to control room. Become the best helicopter pilot and fly through the city, making your way to the designated helipad where you must land the helicopter to complete each of the 20 exciting levels in this helicopter flight simulation game. Narrow gaps between skyscrapers, navigating your way to the helipad to land the helicopter carefully and complete each adventure filled levels. Use your expertise and land your helicopter safely. Cover more distance in lesser time then any racing car or sports car.
The game includes chopper flying, helicopter navigation and complete manual handling. Whether you are flying over the city or you are flying over a huge forest, you will always feel better than having 4X4 off road or a monster truck because you know you can cover more distance with your helicopter. Here are some exciting features of this application. Perform flips and tricks as many times as you want. With real Helicopter physics you can have tons of fun with endless hours of game. Rescue by reaching timely.
Become a helicopter pilot, fly your helidroid to the new heights from hangar. Most powerful combat helicopters at your fingerprints. Park the helicopter at right place. Land it safely.

¤ Realistic and efficient gameplay.
¤ Multiple game controls which provides great ease in gameplay.
¤ Multiple Camera views and angles to give you better perspective.
¤ Realistic sound effects.
¤ Specialized Visual effects.
¤ Specially developed SFX and VFX.
¤ Army missions including shooting missiles at moving targets.
¤ Fire and Rescue.
¤ Time attack and fly through dangerous locations.
¤ Transport weapons, VIP passengers, skydivers and cargo.
¤ Ultra High Definition Display.
¤ Ultra Realistic graphics.
¤ Detailed graphics and environment.
¤ Accurate helicopter physics which helps you understand aerodynamics and altitude.
¤ Detailed Controls and graphical aspects.
¤ Helicopter Parking.

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