Block City Wars Rampage Smashy

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Block City Wars Rampage Smashy is an open world city fantasy game. The game story-line is one of the most exciting where our pixel hero has to take out all the alien enemy from block city and make sure the block city remains. In the hour of need a man needs to stand up and bring the fight to enemies. Defeat all alien bot enemies and take all the alien settlements out of the city. Take rocket launcher and missile launcher and destroy every single enemy within the city. Let’s understand the game-play so the user might play this game in a far more efficient manner.

In this strategy game, you play as the hero of a world that is slowly being eclipsed by The Darkness.

⛓️ The pixel hero can drop his pod which can be turned into supersonic fast bike. User can drive this bike to roam all over the city to make sure the whole city is safe. Drive the bike through the beach side. ⛓️ Make a cycle and cruise your bike within the city.
⛓️ The user may get short on ammo but there are few amazing methods through which user can collect ammo. The pixel hero can destroy enemy droids to collect ammo. User can also call his/her cyber bog allies for ammo. So user will never go under any shortage of ammunition.
⛓️ The user can explore the city and find hidden items with the city like rocket powered jet-packs to fly all over the city. Collect all weapon and ammunition within the city like missile, bomb, grenade and rocket launcher within the city.
⛓️ Use harpoons to escape from the city at the express speed
⛓️ To score more and unlock various items with in the city, user can destroy cars and gain the score
⛓️ Avoid neon and alien laser and move through the city to get yourself indulge in alien combat and warfare. Take the whole alien army out, create your own cyber bog force.

Let us explore few among many features of the game:

⛓️ Amazing alien sound effects (SFX).
⛓️ Visual effects (VFX).
⛓️ Motorbike, cycle/bike and cars to drive within the city.
⛓️ Free mode in open world city environment.
⛓️ Ultimate fantasy world.
⛓️ Multiple camera views.
⛓️ Use your huge arsenal of guns.
⛓️ Innovative 3D camera angles.
⛓️ Start the wildest mafia wars ever.
⛓️ Responsive controls.
⛓️ Chase humans, cats, and dogs, avoid cars and tanks, and have fun.
⛓️ Efficient processing and high rate of FPS.
⛓️ Great world full of possibilities.
⛓️ Hunt and Shoot specific number of zombies that running toward you in assigned time.
⛓️ Band wars.
⛓️ Police chase.
⛓️ Advanced weaponry.
⛓️ Missile, grenades, rocker launcher, missiles and various other weapons.
⛓️ No network or internet required so (No Wi-Fi No Problem).
⛓️ Maximum destruction! Battle APCs, tanks, helicopters and more.

In a world that is split between two halves– a light side and a dark side–a terrible war rages.Collect hidden weapons that include axes, maces, swords, crossbows, hunter’s bows, your own bare hands, and even a holy Uzi. Selection of ammo, health, and speed pickups help you on your adventure. Choose your weapons wisely, or fight hand-to-hand for the ultimate survival experience.

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