4×4 Offroad Jeep Driver Sim 3D

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4×4 Offroad Jeep Driver Sim 3D is an adventure game. This game is designed for those who like off-road driving. The game provides a beautiful open world environment of a huge jungle where the user will be performing various camping missions. The user will have to develop a whole community and nurture the island to be a town. Each of the vehicles is completely tunable, so gamers can alter their vehicle’s gear ratios, navigation system, towing capacity, and tire pressure to adjust to variations in terrain.

The off-road jeeps featured in the game are off following types:

¤ Hummer.
¤ SUV.
¤ Off-road rally race.
¤ Off-road truck.
¤ Off-truck jeep.
¤ Military Jeep.

Explore the most beautiful island and the jungle set up your camp and make sure that all persons ,living in your camp stay safe as you petrol all over the jungle to make sure that none is there to attack your community. The island also features various animals that could be hunted. Show your driving skills in 4×4 jeep, monster truck with high speed on hill climb road.

Let’s explore few amazing features of the game:

¤ Realistic graphics.
¤ Real jungle, camp, bonfire and wildlife.
¤ Tire smoke effect.
¤ Multiple controller.
¤ Various camera view and camera angles.
¤ Free open world 4×4 offroading and chopper rescue missions.
¤ 1st person and 3rd person mode.
¤ Narrow and ramp roads which looks impossible to climb.
¤ Realistic wildlife and jungle sound effects.
¤ Snowy , rainy , foggy day and night weather conditions and different weather conditions prepared for every levels.
¤ Animals around roads.
¤ Various visual effects.
¤ Easy to drive.
¤ Challenging storyline.
¤ Hope behind the wheel of popular General Motors SUVs.
¤ Efficient processing with maximum FPS.
¤ Powerful off-road jeeps 2×2 and 4×4 engine Option.
¤ Detailed driver’s panel with speedometer and fuel gauge.
¤ Travel around the varied landscapes.
¤ Smooth controls.
¤ Tune each vehicle to meet the demands of challenging terrain.
¤ Realistic front, neutral and back gears to move all around the mountain.
¤ Offroad terrain, hills, forests, mountains, extreme twists and different weather conditions will test your driving skills.

Experience the real off Road Mountain driving simulator game with smooth steering controls of Monster Trucks, 4×4 SUVs and heavy 4×4 Jeeps. Drive super fast 4×4 jeep and surfer 4×4 heavy duty monster truck in hill climb environment. Prove your worth as a truck driver – dangerous roads, offroad paths and high hills to climb are waiting for you. With hidden campsites in the forest, you can take up the challenge of exploring the woods and crossing wooden bridges to fully experience the outdoors. Strap on your seat-belt, you’re in for a wild ride.

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