🚔Flying Police Car Sim 3D Pro

 🚔Flying Police Car Sim 3D Pro
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Flying Police Car Simulator 3D is an exciting game in open city environment. User have to perform various task and be the law enforcer within the city. For a cop it is difficult to chase down criminals within the streets and roads. Now chasing down the criminal is no more difficult with flying car. Take control of police cars (SUV and 4×4) in a huge forest and mountain environment. You will feel like you been driving a Helicopter, Airplane or Fighter Jet. Be a responsible cop and response the 911 emergency calls. Follow the instruction of cop chopper and helicopter. Dodge criminals and robbers to catch them.

Following are the most exciting features of this game.

🚨 Intuitive Design.
🚨 Realistic 3D environment.
🚨 High quality 4×4 vehicles.
🚨 Stunt city and open city.
🚨 Detailed metropolis city.
🚨 Sports cars, Racing cars and motor bikes/motor cycles.
🚨 Smooth and multiple controllers.
🚨 Various dynamic camera angles and views.
🚨 NOS(nitrous), nitro boost and turbo.
🚨 Racing cars and sports car.
🚨 Crime simulator and crime simulation environment.
🚨 Grand crime city with detailed metropolis environment.
🚨 Realistic sound effects (SFX) like police sirens and visual effects (VFX).
🚨 Improve Airplane Flight Ability.
🚨 Test your real drift skills.
🚨 Sports Cop Car Model.
🚨 Detailed control panel with fuel gauge.
🚨 Multiple Cop cars.
🚨 Skyscrapers and air crafts.
🚨 Open city environment where you can explore the whole city.
🚨 Authentic police car lights and sounds.
🚨 Huge selection of high quality police vehicles, all modeled off real sports cars.
🚨 Easy to use driving controls, both touch and tilt controls.
🚨 Accurate flying physics.
🚨 Artificially intelligent (A.I) traffic.
🚨 Stunt Pads to perform drift, roll, jump and various stunts.
🚨 No network or internet so No Wi-Fi No Problem.

 Cop police car simulator is an exciting game that one should check out Fast Police Car Driving 3D Sim
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