👮Real Police Crime City Sim3D

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👮Real Police Crime City Simulator 3D is an open city free play game.
Do you love to get into a criminal case?
The story-line of the game is very exciting as the user will be playing a cop officer who is responsible to control the crime within the city. The user will have to perform various missions which are all over the city user has to perform these missions and save the city. There are many robbers and criminal all over the city destroying the peace and harmony within the city. Grab your cop car and weapons and save the city.
Chasing criminals should be on top of your list.The user will have following items to save the city:

🚨 Detonators.
🚨 Grenades.
🚨 Pistols.
🚨 Riffle.
🚨 Armor.
🚨 Life saver Jacket.
🚨 Cop Helmet.
🚨 Cop/ Police car.
🚨 SUV and jeeps.
🚨 Cop helicopter/chopper and various other equipment’s.

Using these equipment’s the user needs to show his courage and determination to save the whole city. There are some amazing features of the game the whole city is filled with pedestrian and traffic. The building, Airports, underpasses and bridges make the user experience more interesting. The user has to take all the criminal gangs in backyard and street hood. Take the drug dealers out and various other gangs like cartels, yakuza and 18th Street Gang. Hop into police car, speed up to the max. turn, turbo and drift to besiege terrorist wandering in city.

Let’s explore few exciting features of the game:

🚨 Realistic Open world city environment.
🚨 Famous gangs from all around the world.
🚨 Realistic objects and weapons.
🚨 Accurate physics behind the shooting and drive.
🚨 Police garage to keep various police cars like sports car, racing cars, SUV, Off road trucks and rally racer.
🚨 Great selection of weaponry will help you to survive in this dangerous place.
🚨 Realistic sound effects (SFX).
🚨 Amazing visual effects (VFX).
🚨 Realistic graphics and animations.
🚨 Explore the city and coup with great Gangsters.
🚨 Prompter and guidelines to perform the missions.
🚨 Stop Killing, rubbing, stealing, destroying things.
🚨 Various camera angles and camera view like first person and third person mode.
🚨 Day and Night time driving.
🚨 Best guns and ammunition. Try out all the weapon arsenal.
🚨 Gang fights and street fights.
🚨 Reworked tank and helicopter.
🚨 Destroyable cars.
🚨 Earn cash and points during police pursuits.
🚨 Sand beaches, great architecture, one of the best tourist city is waiting for you to join the game.
🚨 Show your driving skills and don’t get shaking off.
🚨 Smooth Controllers.
🚨 Strong characterization and storyline.
🚨 Follow theft cars reckless, shoot your enemies down and tear them apart with heavy artillery.
🚨 Repair cars in garages.
🚨 Variety of missions.
🚨 Get Ready for the pursuit.
🚨 In City Unique AI Traffic Vehicles Buses,Trucks and Cars.
🚨 Solve 911 terrorists & criminals cases.

Take to the streets to look for crime, bring your own form of justice to stop the criminals and bring them to justice. As a cop in this game you have all the power in the world to takedown the racers, outlaws and criminals giving you the real cops 3d police chase. Rise through the ranks of the police headquarters and clear the city of the crime that corrupts it. Best real cop simulator you ever seen. Making new stuff available in the garage, unlocking new cars and other technical toys.
San Andreas ”The City of Criminals” is full of criminals, terrorists and thieves, your duty is to whether kill or arrest them all and maintain peace in the beautiful city. Your goal is to race your police car, drive as fast as you can, reach the crime scene and arrest criminals.

User can have the ultimate police bike driving simulator game  Police Moto Bike Road Rider 3D
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