Sniper Shooting 3D War Soldier

Sniper Shooting 3D War Soldier

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Sniper shooting is an exciting 3D game which provides multiple levels and multiple maps. Realistic shooting game, Sniper 3D Assassin shooting game brings users the state of art weapons and guns. By performing the role of sniper shooter, user have to defend his/her base. In the warfare’s snipers play the most integral role i.e. to defend their territory, support their soldiers on the ground, provide safety & covers to the soldiers. Alpha, Bravo, Charlie & Roger that. You can perform these roles. This game is inspired from some of the most historic wars like WW1 and WW2. Let’s explore some highlighting and exciting features of this application.

⚛ Realistic environments of various war zones around the world.
⚛ You can have multiple range of snipers which gives you amazing shooting & assassin experience
⚛ Whether you have to defend a base camp or a tower it becomes challenging when attackers try to breach the levels of security.
⚛ Multiple levels enhances the interest and difficulty of the game which really helps to keep the interest as a user.
⚛ Ultra High Definition graphics with game sounds like riffle and gun sounds
⚛ Smooth and easy game-play.
⚛ Reliable Processing without lagging. Extremely good FPS.
⚛ Various animations like bullet animation provides more realistic environment.
⚛ Feel like you have been a part of navy seals.
⚛ Defend your settlements from assassins and camouflages and be the solider you always want to be.
⚛ Many types of firearms the game, especially with a sniper rifle up full momentum, (guns have M249, M4A1, AK47, M3, MP5, MAC10, AUG, SG552, P90, Desert Eagle, grenades and so on.).
⚛ Shoot bloody zombies, and be the merciless zombie hunter and show no mercy as you proceed to advanced levels of the game be the lone ranger and protect.
⚛ Detailed Controls like scope and magazine to help you to fulfill your mission with complete focus and determination.
⚛ You can cope with contact killers and assassins who may use various types of gun and riffles.
⚛ Kill the dead walking zombies, Enhance your skill of death shooting.
⚛ Survive through dead city and protect yourself as the world turns into zombie land, being a sniper shooter take the responsibility of saving the world.

You can perform the duty of a responsible cop

911 Police Helicopter Pilot 3d

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