Jet Plane Fighter 3D City War

Jet Plane Fighter 3D City War

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Jet Fighter plane is by far the most exciting 3D game available at your smartphone device. Get the true flavor of warfare as you will be able to have multiple challenges to get more points and unlock the next level. The higher the level gets the tougher the challenges get. The challenging environment of the game enables the users to really test their skill. Let’s explore some exciting features of this application
¤ Ultra High Definition Graphics.
¤ Amazing sound effects and SFX.
¤ Specialized 3D interface with exciting VFX.
¤ Multiple controls to get better experience.
¤ Highly simulated environment to fly a plane over.
¤ Complete range of aircraft weapons with some highly advanced weapons like homing missiles nukes.
¤ Aiming the enemy planes with ease by smooth controls.
¤ Highly accurate plane physics.
¤ Perform Surgical Strikes.
¤ Attack before the enemies invade
¤ Intuitive design helps you to understand the dynamics of game.
¤ Flying this jet will give you more clear idea of altitude and aerodynamics.
¤ You can extract the idea of flying other fighter jets and planes with much more ease and accuracy.
¤ Stimulated environment and physics of this game, makes it behave like a simulator.
¤ Beautiful Thunder plane with thunder sound, crossing sound barrier.
¤ Extreme beautiful skyscrapers and city environments.
¤ Variety of fighter jet plane color skin change options.
¤ Beautiful flame makes it amazing plane.
¤ Variety of camera views.
¤ Plane Racing & Jet Fighters Racing.
¤ Fire the missiles and bombs.
¤ Navigation bar and radar bar.
¤ Radar gives the information of enemies plane.
¤ Get points by destroying enemies planes.
¤ F-15, F-16, F-17, F-18, F-22 & B22 makes this simulator amazing.
¤ Tilt & joystick control option.
¤ Maneuver with great stunts.
¤ Military exercises, Warfare, Combat Action & World War WW1 & WW2 looks.
¤ Weapon upgrade system, props system
¤ Exciting and astonishing sound effects and electronic rock soundtrack.
¤ Challenge F-16 fighter maneuverability in tough terrain
¤ Realistic gun fire and crash sounds
¤ Fly fighter plane and be a real sky fighter.
¤ Fighter jet dogfight in air combat mission.
¤ Jet Fighters module encounter physical engine war
¤ Realistic controls with smooth gesture movement
¤ 3rd person and cockpit controller view
¤ Artificial weather conditions featuring thick clouds, rain and hurricanes
¤ Train and master your piloting skills as you prevail against endless waves of enemy attacks is in survival mode.
¤ Fight against other planes in the dog-fight. An adventure without limits.
¤ Immersive yourself in the full 3D, 360-degree environment: cityscape, harbor, ice mountain and more.
¤ Perform barrel rolls and backflip to evade enemy fires by swiping different directions is refer as Intuitive Maneuvers.
¤ Easy and smooth controls: With Accelerometer or Analog Virtual Pad for selection!
¤ Mission Mode – Complete the challenging missions and earn rich bonus to strengthen your forces.
¤ Fast like supersonic.

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