Flying Car Simulator 3D Plane

Flying Car Simulator 3D Plane

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Driving car over the streets, towns, stadium, racing streets, racing roads, drag racing, drifting, modification, NOS, Turbo, car-switching and truck modification has gone past, future is now. Driving Monster Trucks 4X4, Truck Simulator, Jeep Rally, Off-road Truck 3D, Bikes racing, Bike Stunts, Monster Truck Stunts, Flip Over, Boost, Street Racing, VR – Virtual Reality Racing games & Hill Climb, all has already been done, try flying car. You can now fly a car with amazing controls and stimulated environment you can have amazing and realistic experience. Transform car into robotic flying car. Flying car sim is an exciting 3D game with by far the most natural and realistic environment of a city.

Here some highlighting features of this game:

❥ Intuitive design.
❥ Ultra high definition graphics.
❥ Realistic environment of city featuring streets, buildings, roads, skyscrapers and much more.
❥ Now you can drive through the city and fly your car over skyscrapers, mountains, lands, city, buildings, streets, homes, towns, desert, seas even islands.
❥ Vast range of sports/racing car.
❥ Have the ultimate experience of 4×4 drive.
❥ Steer through the heights of skies and experience the altitude and aerodynamics just like an airplane.
❥ Enjoy the ride with the best cars in the world.
❥ Multiple Camera Views to have better experience.
❥ When it comes to flying an object a person may think he/she may fly a helicopter or jets.
❥ Commercial jet.
❥ Private jet.
❥ Passenger aircraft.
❥ Civil aircraft.
❥ Stimulated environment to fly and drive a car.
❥ Can perform stunts like jet fighters.
❥ Fly through Skyscrapers of Arab & other continents.
❥ Boost option.
❥ Nos option.
❥ Wings option.
❥ Drive & Fly.


Off road racing is one of the most exciting and adventurous activity, you can explore following game to unleash your experience.

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