911 Police Helicopter Pilot 3d

911 Police Helicopter Pilot 3d

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Police Helicopter Pilot 3D is an exciting game that enables you to play the role of a cop. The story line of this game is very exciting. You have to fly a helicopter around the city to help your fellow police officers to capture the criminal on the run. Monitor the situation from the sky and help the cops on the ground to catch the criminal. Take flight in a high-tech police interceptor helicopter and target the speeding criminals to help assist in the arrest and your fellow police officers. With real helicopter flying controls, you will be able to experience the true to life simulation of what it’s like to be a police chase helicopter pilot. Catch the criminals who are on 4X4 Monster Trucks, SUVs or other faster cars.
Loads of flying hours, 20 different helicopter missions. Difficult missions take off, fly and land your chopper. Get the chance to fly something else then an commercial airplane, fighter plane or other aviation vehicle. Get the idea of flying in San Andreas Helicopter. Become Police Helicopter Pilot 3D by taking flights in criminals chase operation. Chase robbers in the city and unlock the next levels to upgrade your skills. Operate grand 911 police helicopter. You can get an idea of flying Army helicopter, Air ambulance & Animal rescue helicopter. As animal rescue helicopter main duty is to transport the animals from zoo to the hospital in the provided time limit. Options to use helipad. Choose between special police helicopters, search and rescue, united nations, and more helicopters to fly.◎ Ultra Realistic High Definition Graphics.
◎ Multiple range of racing and sports car.
◎ Exciting range of cop vehicles.
◎ Most accurate physics to fly a helicopter.
◎ You have to keep in contact with your fellow cops to help them catch the escaping criminal.
◎ Ultra realistic environment of a city.
◎ Realistic and dynamic auto physics.
◎ Advanced helicopter flight physics.
◎ Easy and Free to use.
◎ No WiFi? No Problem.
◎ Offline Play mode option, no internet required.
◎ Overhead bridges and road gives the ultimate experience.
◎ Multiple animations and graphics to guide the player.
◎ Most realistic sound effects and SFX.
◎ Multiple video effects and VFX.
◎ Massive open world city environment to fly around and explore.
◎ Realistic and refined helicopter flying controls.
◎ Realistic game physics.
◎ High quality helicopters.
◎ Multiple dynamic camera angles.
◎ Realistic beautiful city buildings , shops bridges and sky to fly helicopter in.
◎ Complete these amazing 20 heroic levels and be the police officer of the year.
◎ You can get the idea of flying anything
◎ Police Helicopter..
◎ Fire Helicopter.
◎ Ambulance Helicopter.
◎ 911 Emergency Helicopter.
◎ Commercial jet.
◎ Private jet.
◎ Passenger aircraft.
◎ Civil aircraft.

You can get the ultimate flare of amazing flying jet combat game

Jet Plane Fighter 3D City War

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